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     Jiaozhou fu lu shou moving company,Is one of the jiaozhou moving company set up earlier,The company adhering to the“The customer is supreme”The management inside,Our duty is to serve the customers,The pursuit of security、Efficient、In a timely manner、Earnest service tenet,And explore a set of strict management system and efficient、Reasonable moving operation procedure,Let the customer save worry、Rest assured。

     Jiaozhou fu lu shouMovers disassembling furniture、Air conditioning switching、The piano handling、Hourly workers service;Carry on the individual、Enterprise、Group、The company、Warehouse、Students and other moving freight、As long as you move forward,We do our best to service for you!We call for low price with high quality service attitude for the professional service spirit。

     Jiaozhou fu lu shouMoving company to undertake:ChangDuanTu move、Residents move,The relocation、Office、Move office、Unloading the container、Moving the piano、Hoisting machine。The sofa、All moving business such as hammock pad。

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